A Guide to Eating with Braces

From personal experience I can tell you that braces aren’t always fun. Most teenagers these days beg for braces because many think it’s the new fashion. I personally beg to differ! With braces there may be days at a time were you go without eating after getting your braces tightened or when you first get them. These days it can be almost impossible to eat with aching teeth or wires poking you in the jaw. Days of crying and aching pains but I guess that’s just a small price to pay for straight teeth. . When times are hard and eating is impossible I suggest eating soft foods. Soft foods can do wonders when eating solid food causes you more pain than you were originally. When this happens I suggest eating foods like:

• Jell-O

• Pudding

• Soup

• Apple Sauce

• Smoothies

• Mashed Potatoes

These foods can help you to sooth the pain and actually get to put something in your stomach. When your teeth are in severe pain from braces I suggest you not eating any of the following:

• Steak

• Hamburgers

• Chicken Wings

• Ribs

• Spicy Foods

From experience I can tell you that eating out with family and friends sometimes isn’t the best choice. When you first get braces eight out of ten times you will be in such pain that you won’t even be able to eat! If you do decide to go out I suggest ordering a side dish such as mashed potatoes only. Ordering a whole entrée will only be a waste.

Also be sure to follow doctor’s orders when they say no gum or candy. Most people think candy or gum will not affect the braces but in reality they do. I’ve had wires and brackets both to come out of my mouth due to candy and gum. This just causes you to visit the doctor for an emergency case. Here are a few tips to eat what you want when you want without the pain:

• Be sure to feel around your mouth with your tongue before leaving the doctors office to make sure nothing is poking or bothering you. Don’t be shy to let you doctor know that something is bothering you before you leave!

• If pain continues for more than three days after original appointment I suggest you contacting your doctor to set up an emergency appointment to fix the problem.